Definition of bits and pieces in US English:

bits and pieces

(British bits and bobs)


  • An assortment of small items.

    ‘weird bits and pieces of paraphernalia’
    • ‘It's an epidemic, I thought, standing in the sun outside while I sorted my bag of bits and pieces.’
    • ‘I had to pick up a couple of bits and bobs in Sainsbury, so didn't get started in the kitchen until almost half seven.’
    • ‘However there are other equally interesting bits and pieces on display.’
    • ‘There was a large collection of tools and other bits and bobs to look at, including the splendid generators.’
    • ‘We have called in to pick up a few bits and pieces, and to collect a rather expensive lamp for K's mother.’
    • ‘On top of all of that I discovered numerous bits and pieces of farm equipment scattered around the place.’
    • ‘Your poor pal has just made a terrifying investment and, as you say, is having to shell out for new furnishings and other bits and bobs.’
    • ‘So far I have written 4 complete songs, with bits and bobs for another couple more; this is since last Sunday.’
    • ‘The actual textiles seemed to be of all kinds, a few whole garments, old socks, hankies, torn-off sleeves, j-cloths, rags, babies' stuff, bits and bobs.’
    • ‘So the Guru and I wandered off to Ikebukuro for the afternoon to nose, buy some bits and pieces, that sort of thing.’
    odds and ends, oddments, stuff, paraphernalia, things, miscellanea, bric-a-brac, sundries, knick-knacks, souvenirs, keepsakes, mementoes, lumber, flotsam and jetsam
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