Definition of bite-sized in US English:


(also bite-size)


  • 1(of a piece of food) small enough to be eaten in one mouthful.

    ‘cut the potatoes into bite-sized pieces’
    • ‘Cut turkey into even, bite-sized pieces; slice courgettes and corn into thick slices, and remove calyx from tomatoes.’
    • ‘Slice squid into bite-size pieces, then blanch in boiling water.’
    • ‘Serve with fresh vegetables or bite-size slices of pita bread.’
    • ‘Cut vegetables in to bite-sized pieces and include a little container with a yogurt or salsa dip.’
    • ‘Slice the chicken breasts into bite-sized pieces.’
    • ‘Snip the cooked bacon into bite-size pieces and add to the salad.’
    • ‘The head can be sliced into bite-sized pieces for fondue or shish kebab.’
    • ‘The hot, soft brie came in bite-size bread crumb parcels set on a bed of crispy lettuce.’
    • ‘The design of the combined fork and knife makes it possible to cut bite-sized pieces of most foods with the use of only one hand.’
    • ‘Unless otherwise noted, afternoon tea features three to four tea sandwiches, one or two scones and about three bite-size dessert pastries per person.’
    • ‘The female usually feeds the chicks by tearing the food into bite-sized pieces.’
    • ‘Arabian food includes a lot of spiced lamb and rice, seafood such as tuna and hammour, Lebanese-style mezes, bite-size snacks called falafels, made from chickpeas, and shwarma, a lamb or chicken wrap.’
    • ‘I just love the texture and lightness of tempura batter and was delighted our prawns also came with a few bite-size servings of tempura vegetables.’
    • ‘Another area offers a variety of noodles too numerous to name and another offers dim sum, several bite-sized desserts and fruit, including mangosteens with the tops cut off.’
    • ‘Generally long, thin pasta is designed for a fine sauce and small, bite-sized pasta is for a heavier, chunky sauce.’
    • ‘She passed the bag around and we dug our hands in, pulling out handfuls of bite-sized chocolate chip cookies.’
    • ‘There were about half-a-dozen other starters on offer, with the bite-size mushroom pakoras and onion bhajis being especially nice and not too greasy.’
    • ‘Allow to cool slightly, then cut vegetables crosswise into bite-sized pieces and place in large serving bowl.’
    • ‘It was a matriciana sauce with cream and bacon and went well with gnocchi (mini bite-size potato dumplings).’
    • ‘Not sure how many calories are in a few bite-sized biscuits, I hoped they would fuel me far enough to find my luggage and my long, lost friends.’
    small-scale, scaled-down, mini
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    1. 1.1informal Very small or short.
      ‘a series of bite-sized essays’
      • ‘For more bite-sized advice, partner site offers much shorter reviews.’
      • ‘The specific subject of each essay was useful, and the first recommendation I would make on this book was that these bite-size essays provide an excellent crib for writers new to the teaching game.’
      • ‘It has now metamorphosed into the regally appointed suites of heritage hotels that are either modelled to look like palaces, or into the palaces that have been trimmed to serve memories of the past into bite-sized pieces.’
      • ‘The first, by Edward Fox, has the virtue of being an elegantly written but very slender ninety-five pages, one of a series of bite-size lives launched this year by Short Books.’
      • ‘What I need is a website which condenses long rambling works into easily-understandable bite-sized morsels.’
      • ‘Think about USA Today's format - small, bite-sized pieces of information.’
      • ‘They expect education to be presented in bite-sized pieces.’
      • ‘Break the task into bite-sized, measurable pieces.’
      • ‘With any book of this style, where the subject matter's broken up into bite-sized pieces, some of the sections will fall flat, and that's as much the case here as anywhere else.’
      • ‘What we did is identify into bite-sized pieces the activities that need to be undertaken.’
      • ‘These bite-sized essays, each a mere fifteen or twenty pages long, often impress one as serious philosophical achievements even when they are read piecemeal, as they were written.’
      • ‘Yet he manages to encapsulate his misunderstandings into bite-sized pieces that can be digested and turned into new misstatements by other entertainment writers as well.’
      • ‘To cut a ridiculously broad topic into bite-sized pieces, I've come to the conclusion that the there are three main categories of sexual fantasy.’
      • ‘The venture was rightly abandoned and instead the old position was split into more manageable, bite-sized pieces.’
      • ‘I have to chop the material into bite-sized pieces, I have to arrange it so that it becomes accessible, and I must visualize the course as a whole - what can I hope that they will have learned when it's over?’
      • ‘And it does this by presenting in bite-size pieces some of life's most important truths.’
      • ‘In terms of other messages, I think quick choice making, making sure that input is in short, bite-sized chunks, that using technology and multi-modal learning styles is introduced.’
      • ‘The site describes itself as bite-sized entertainment, and features short writings, video, audio and on-line art that cover dozens of topics.’
      • ‘So here's the mega-post that caused yesterday's problems reduced to bite-sized pieces for blogger to consume.’
      • ‘Traditional, commercially supported media linearly presents content in bite-sized morsels, interspersed with ads to pay for the show.’
      tiny, minuscule, microscopic, nanoscopic, very small, little, micro, diminutive, miniature, baby, toy, midget, dwarf, pygmy, lilliputian
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