Definition of bitchery in US English:



  • Bitchy behavior.

    • ‘He refused to participate in the trite chit-chat and bitchery which is the routine content of the weekly eviction show.’
    • ‘What occurs is a meal from hell comprising of inedible food, accompanied by a cascade of bitchery and innuendo from the hostess, and ill-concealed contempt and bad manners from the guests.’
    • ‘Lots of cast bitchery was pointed out.’
    • ‘Then I did a despicable thing. ‘Well, Peter Sellers is dead,’ I said with a bitchery equal to hers.’
    • ‘It emerges that her licentious bitchery means only that she loves Ford; he lovers her, too.’
    • ‘So I went on to my evening of dinner and stitch and bitchery with my girlfriend N (who actually came over to get some DVDs and books from me) with a fairly clear conscience.’
    • ‘Are we approaching frothy adolescent bitchery with undue gravity or just giving it its due in girls' lives?’
    • ‘Was it only me that had all of this misanthropic bitchery floating around my head 24x7?’
    • ‘Apologies if this comes over as pointless bitchery, but it seems there's trouble in the London News Review / The Friday Thing / London By London camp - just look here.’
    • ‘This is part of his charm; the mixture of solid history and acute bitchery have proved an attractive combination to millions - by picking up the foibles of the famous, he makes them more human.’
    • ‘Since she had singled me out for her raving bitchery, I figured she thought I was the lead guy, despite my obviously taking orders from other people.’
    • ‘Put yourself above bitchery at your peril; you'll become a goody two-shoes, a smartarse.’
    • ‘Which left: intellectual doodling, abstract bitchery, injokes chasing their own tails.’
    • ‘Her rendition of ‘Love for Sale’ and the refined bitchery of ‘Is it the Girl? Or is it the Gown?’ were standouts.’
    • ‘These happy few, this band of brothers rescued America from the divisive partisan bitchery of hacks.’
    • ‘The two films are blood relatives, but Charlotte has a worse play, more gore, and enough bitchery to fill several outrageous freak shows.’
    • ‘She might make a start with bitchery, for which she has a taste but no touch.’
    • ‘It should give us some insight into why his fans were so obsessed, five gruelling nights a week, with celebrity, bitchery and bodily functions.’
    • ‘Among my own dinner-party companions the bitchery has centred on Linda's body language when she exited the jungle - how she seemed to visibly recoil from her husband, then rushed to cuddle her daughter.’
    • ‘The whole place floats on a sea of brilliant bitchery.’