Definition of bit error rate in US English:

bit error rate


  • The rate at which errors occur in the transmission of digital data.

    • ‘The system also performs optical bit error rate testing.’
    • ‘Packet loss is a direct result of bit error rate (BER), jitter, network congestion, distance, router buffer overruns, and multiple service providers.’
    • ‘The most important tests include throughput, framed and unframed bit error rate, jumbo frames, IPv6, and counters for the many kinds of errors that can occur.’
    • ‘Jitter tolerance represents the maximum amount of jitter that a system can tolerate without bit error rate (BER) degradation.’
    • ‘Packet loss increases when there is a high bit error rate known as BER (10 - 10 to 10 - 6), or jitter becomes an issue, or when congestion is high.’
    • ‘The dynamic tracking ensures the receiver operates below its overload parameter (the maximum input power that the receiver can accept) and within its optimal sensitivity range (the average optical power required to ensure a certain bit error rate).’
    • ‘In order for a signal to be received with an acceptable bit error rate, the attenuation and the crosstalk must both be minimized.’
    • ‘The bit error rate measurements were performed using the XBERT reference design from Xilinx.’