Definition of bisulfite in US English:


(British bisulphite)


  • An acid sulfite containing the radical HSO₃.

    • ‘Sulfite increasingly predominates above pH 6, bisulfite predominates at pH 2-4, whereas sulfurous acid appears as a minor component at pH 4 and dominates the mixture only at pH 1 and below.’
    • ‘Neither sulfite nor bisulfite are sure-fire protectors of phenidone or ascorbic acid against oxidation.’
    • ‘Perhaps bisulfite in the erythrocytes interacts with these cysteine residues and inhibits enzyme activity.’
    • ‘In the coenzyme M biosynthetic pathway, for example, White's research team has characterized the first enzyme catalyzing the addition of bisulfite to phosphoenolpyruvate, a new route for the formation of carbon-sulfur bonds.’
    • ‘Derivatives of sulfites include bisulfites, metabisulfites, and sulfur dioxide.’