Definition of bisulfate in US English:


(British bisulphate)


  • A salt of the anion HSO₄⁻.

    • ‘For the estimation of the fluorescence quantum yields of INP in different solvents, quinine bisulfate in 1 N sulphuric acid and anthracene in ethanol were used as standards ([Phi] flu = 0.55 and 0.27, respectively).’
    • ‘Quinine bisulfate was used as the standard for the bisbenzimide dyes, for PIH and ethidium bromide the standard used was rhodamine 101 and fluorescein was used for the cyanine dyes.’
    • ‘Now at some popular tourist areas some control is managed by means of an intensive process in which each adult is killed individually, with an injection of sodium bisulfate.’
    • ‘Those with only one hydrogen replaced are known as hydrogen sulfates, acid sulfates, or bisulfates.’
    • ‘Amrinone and milrinone are bisulfates and are contraindicated in patients who have a bisulfate hypersensitivity.’