Definition of bistable in US English:



  • An electronic circuit which has two stable states.

    • ‘This kind of code reflects a structural implementation at the level of registers (implemented with flip-flops or other bistables called latches) that have various logics inserted between them.’
    • ‘The circuit is called a bistable because it is stable in two states: output high and output low.’
    • ‘Switch contact de-bouncing is not required as the first press will latch one of the bistables.’


  • (of a system) having two stable states.

    • ‘At a zero field condition, the liquid crystal in the droplets was bistable, that is, the liquid crystal can be in either the reflecting planar state or the scattering focal conic state.’
    • ‘When the system is no longer bistable, the thresholding effect is lost.’
    • ‘Comparing the middle panels to Fig.3 C, we expect that this system will be bistable, and, indeed, the time series shown in the middle left panel reveals that this is the case, although low monomer levels are very unlikely.’
    • ‘Another model prediction is that there is it parameter range in which the glycolytic subsystem is bistable: for the same set of parameter values the system may oscillate or be stationary.’
    • ‘When there is an imbalance in the amounts of the repressors the system is not bistable anymore. Phase diagram of the system.’