Definition of birthing center in US English:

birthing center


  • A medical facility, specializing in childbirth, that is less restrictive and more homelike than a hospital.

    • ‘The author suggests that the advantages of this medication make it worth having on hand at birthing centers.’
    • ‘While newborn screen samples may be obtained from a birthing center, mid-wife in the residence, or hospital, most of the testing is performed in private, state, or regional public health laboratories, separate from the birth facility.’
    • ‘Two decades later, on a visit to a birthing center in a large German city, I was shocked to hear the director say she recommended against breastfeeding.’
    • ‘When a mother is released from a hospital or birthing center, she is often given a discharge gift basket that includes free formula.’
    • ‘Check with your insurance plan, hospital or birthing center.’
    • ‘Classes held at hospitals or birthing centers may not be objective or comprehensive, and may omit information about options the institutions don't offer.’
    • ‘Soon the day will come when you will take your new little baby home from the hospital or birthing center.’
    • ‘And she said she had it at the birthing center in Topeka.’
    • ‘Second, birthing centers and hospitals should strive to meet the criteria of the BFHI and create a setting that is conducive to breastfeeding.’
    • ‘To establish Tricare eligibility for newborns in DEERS, parents or legal guardians must submit a certificate of ‘live birth’ from a hospital or Tricare-approved birthing center.’’
    • ‘They, along with other maternity care providers, should be knowledgeable about and supportive of a range of pain management options in their hospitals, birthing centers, and communities.’
    • ‘Some of the PHCs will also include an urgent care center and a birthing center.’
    • ‘In these times of increasingly conservative values, decreases in funding for birthing centers, and prohibitively high malpractice-insurance costs for midwives, we can help by spreading Mothering's message around.’
    • ‘You may also want to tour the maternity ward at the hospital or birthing center where you plan to have the baby.’
    • ‘I'm proud to say that my daughter was born at a birthing center with a wonderful midwife and my husband as coach; drugs never even crossed my mind.’
    • ‘In some settlements, Amish babies are born in hospitals, but they are also born at home or in local birthing centers.’
    • ‘Many lactation consultants run support groups for breastfeeding mothers, as do some hospitals and almost all birthing centers.’
    • ‘This summer, Longmont opened a 19-bed birthing center with Jacuzzis in every room.’
    • ‘I am Rh-, so no midwife here in Japan would allow me to birth at home or in a birthing center, but I found a healthcare provider who supports natural birth.’
    • ‘Examples are whether you want to give birth at home, or in the hospital or birthing center; or if you want an ob-gyn, midwife or labor coach to be with you during the delivery of your child.’