Definition of birth partner in US English:

birth partner


  • A person chosen by a pregnant woman to give her support during the process of childbirth.

    ‘make sure your birth partner knows your wishes so they can be assertive for you if you're not in a position to do it yourself’
    • ‘Her job is to augment, not replace the role of the father or birth partner.’
    • ‘I'm godmother to two lovely boys, one locally (I was birth partner at his and his sister's births) who is 8 and one a bit further afield.’
    • ‘I'm going to be her birth partner.’
    • ‘Far from developing a culture that bars fathers, it should be working to provide really good training for birth partners (most of whom will be fathers), so that these individuals are well equipped to work with the mothers to reduce their anxiety and help appropriately with pain relief.’
    • ‘The week before I'd gone to get all the items on the list: high-energy snacks for the birth partner, for example.’
    • ‘Lest she think I was some nervous Nellie, I told her that my birth partners appeared to have food poisoning.’
    • ‘Her sister has been sitting beside her on the sofa throughout our chat, and the two are obviously very close—Natalie was her birth partner.’
    • ‘The birth partner most women want is their life partner; and they are commonly far happier with the support he provides than with the support they receive from health professionals.’
    • ‘The sole practical argument advanced in favour of fathers, or in the wider and more politically correct term, birth partners, being present is that while the professionals are wielding scalpels and needles, the mother has someone dedicated solely to emotional support.’
    • ‘I believe that it is acceptable for a women to have more than one 'birth partner' present during labour when the unit policy states only one person at a time.’
    • ‘Susan needs a back-up birth partner.’
    • ‘The unit policy states one 'birth partner' at a time.’
    • ‘I further emphasised that the policy of one birth partner is designed to protect women from an unknown and overwhelming situation.’
    • ‘This may have a profound effect upon whether a woman is 'allowed' a waterbirth, a particular style of pain relief, adoption of alternative positions in labour or, indeed, several birth partners present at the birth.’
    • ‘"The use of acupressure also involves their birth partner - whether it is their boyfriend, husband, friend or mother - more actively in the process which helps bond the family closer."’
    • ‘Each delivery was special, and I enjoyed so much establishing a relationship with a woman and her birth partner.’
    • ‘Does your partner want you to be there—with or without another friend (often known as a birth partner).’
    • ‘Sally added: "One friend was considering asking my mum to be her birth partner, ahead of her own mother and husband, because she said my mum is so calm and would make her feel better."’
    • ‘For example, I casually mentioned that research supports that one good birth partner is often better than an unsure crowd.’