Definition of birth parent in US English:

birth parent


  • A biological as opposed to an adoptive parent.

    • ‘As the novel opens, Jade, who has been adopted, discovers that her mother and father have hidden the truth about her birth parents, a Vietnamese teenager and a black soldier.’
    • ‘Whereas the biological connection identifies birth parents as the agents of creating, or those sowing the seed, the adoptive connection is dependent on external agency.’
    • ‘And although relinquished at birth, there is the possibility that adoptees might eventually be reunited with a birth parent.’
    • ‘The transaction can be dressed up as a humane inter-country adoption with the primary aim of giving an impoverished infant the chance of a life that his birth parent could not hope to offer.’
    • ‘Currently, however, the need to know one's birth parents is considered legitimate, and reunions between persons of adoption and birth parents are more common.’
    • ‘The birth parents can then put in an appeal and the case can go back to another children's panel which will rule that contact is to be increased with the birth parent.’
    • ‘Adopted children, especially those who go abroad have to deal with many losses: of a birth parent, of identity, of home country, of ethnicity.’
    • ‘April 4th doesn't exactly sound like the best birthday to me for some reason, and my parents are more than happy to help me find my birth parents.’
    • ‘Sometimes a birth parent will accuse the foster parents of harming the child.’
    • ‘But three years ago, after his parents died, he began the search for his birth parents.’
    • ‘For those who are not familiar with the law, you can have the very obvious birth parent, but the law also says there are other people associated with a child for instance, who have parental responsibilities.’
    • ‘Less closely studied have been the birth parents, the mother in particular.’
    • ‘Here, the aim is to redraw the family's boundaries by substituting a new parent or parents for a birth parent, while preserving the child's ties with one side of her family tree.’
    • ‘Usually, the law provides for reunions between a child and a birth parent only if both express a desire for contact by signing an adoption registry.’
    • ‘I liken it to someone trying to find their birth parent, you just want to know.’
    • ‘Fear that a birth parent will take a child back is the No.1 concern of Americans when considering adoption.’
    • ‘They might not have been his birth parents, but they had been the only parents he had ever known, and he missed them greatly.’
    • ‘I want to ask you - I want to go back for a second and want to ask you about your birth parents, your real parents.’
    • ‘No formal procedure was required when a child was adopted within its own kin group but some compensation might be given to the birth parents by the adopting parents.’
    • ‘An open adoption is when birth parents choose the family they want to raise their biological child.’
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