Definition of birth mother in US English:

birth mother


  • A woman who has given birth to a child, as opposed to an adoptive mother; a biological mother.

    • ‘It was around the time that Robert found, by coincidence, his birth mother, whose French surname he'd taken after the death of his adoptive parents.’
    • ‘Theirs will be an open adoption, which means they will have contact with the birth mother before the baby is born.’
    • ‘From then until September of last year he always knew he had either been adopted or fostered and never really gave much consideration to finding his birth mother.’
    • ‘After 63 years, five months and a day, my partner was reunited with her birth mother, who had given her up for adoption as a week-old child in pre-war Germany.’
    • ‘The alternative is a private arrangement with the birth mother and the adoptive parents.’
    • ‘Marie is the birth mother and Jane is Michael's co - parent.’
    • ‘Not a day goes by that I don't look at him and think about the birth mother he has out there somewhere, and I wonder if she knows what she gave up.’
    • ‘Adoptive parents are able to find the birth mother on their own without waiting for an agency.’
    • ‘And while some adopted children need to establish biological roots and search for their birth mother, many don't.’
    • ‘The law should be changed to recognise the commissioning mother as the legal mother of the child, not the birth mother.’
    • ‘A woman who was reunited with her birth mother after 40 years yesterday described how they both began to cry as they spoke of their separation in 1961.’
    • ‘The rule that the birth mother is the legal mother was confirmed by the 1990 Act.’
    • ‘After a life-long search for his real family, Gerard has traced and finally met with the relatives of his birth mother in Swinford.’
    • ‘I can't decide whether I've been blessed or unfortunate to have two mothers - my birth mother and my stepmum.’
    • ‘Rose is a young Native woman adopted into a white suburban family who is seeking her birth mother.’
    • ‘The stories, which deal with adoption from various viewpoints, were mostly written before Gasco undertook the search for her own birth mother.’
    • ‘Two years ago he finally met his birth mother, and to his surprise discovered she was an entrepreneur herself - she runs her own corporate-gift business.’
    • ‘I was reunited with my birth mother and immediately sold for thirty sixpence on the black market in British Columbia.’
    • ‘He said the High Court had taken steps to contact the birth mother and a British local authority had investigated the mother and her partner.’
    • ‘I mean, I found out that in my mother's family, my birth mother's family, there are wild women.’


birth mother

/bərθ ˈməðər//bərTH ˈməT͟Hər/