Definition of birth family in US English:

birth family


  • One's biological parents and siblings, as opposed to adoptive relatives.

    • ‘Fast placement can be in the interests of the child, but you also need to be very careful about the needs and the rights of the birth family.’
    • ‘As well as offering intensive care to the youngster, their birth family will also be involved in the process - whether or not the youngster is due to return to their care.’
    • ‘And Lynn, whose character is adopted, is going to go on another journey that involves her birth family.’
    • ‘The only villain is the faceless totalitarian system of government which forces the separation of Suzanne from her birth family.’
    • ‘It was not just about finding my birth family but there was also the survivors' guilt of finding myself living where I am now when so many people were killed.’
    • ‘As some of you may know, my birth family did not embrace my coming in.’
    • ‘Adoption is when a birth family is unable to care for a baby or child.’
    • ‘Seems likely this is comes automatic these days, but, do whatever you can to be sure your adopted child has, at the very least, a good medical history from their birth family.’
    • ‘From the child's perspective, reunification with the birth family may represent fulfillment of the child's most heartfelt hopes.’
    • ‘The right of a child to a permanent, loving family is lost in a quagmire of concern for parents and birth families.’
    • ‘The society seeks Crown wardship with no access to the birth family for the purpose of adoption.’
    • ‘It is a day of grieving by people who as children were taken from their birth families and never found their parents or siblings before they died.’
    • ‘Pelletier was adopted in infancy by a French family and only found her birth family six years ago.’
    • ‘I had, I suppose, a happy childhood, but my adoptive mother said attempting to trace my birth family might involve pain and hurt, especially for me.’
    • ‘She no longer speaks Creole and never mentions her birth family.’
    • ‘Applicants must demonstrate their commitment to sharing information about the child's birth family and the circumstances of the adoption throughout his/her childhood.’
    • ‘Although sketchy, this section outlines the strong commitment to education and the Baptist faith that marked Taylor's birth family.’
    • ‘Young Nicky explained that he longed for a family that could eclipse his birth family.’
    • ‘Most adoption agreements support ‘open adoption,’ which encourages honesty with the child and ongoing links with the birth family.’
    • ‘Nate, what do you know about your birth family?’