Definition of birr in US English:



  • The basic monetary unit of Ethiopia, equal to 100 cents.

    • ‘He appreciated the quality and originality of Adamu's work and employed the artist at a salary of 50 birr a month, slightly under the average salary in Ethiopia at the time.’
    • ‘Follow-up cases are charged 5 birr per month.’
    • ‘A laden (sheepskin bag or weight equivalent of 30 kg) of grain used to cost one birr.’
    • ‘A few months ago 100 kg of maize would have cost 40 birr ((pounds) 3.25).’
    • ‘This Ethiopian farmer is facing famine again and, to keep his eight children alive, has been reduced to collecting wood and grass from the bush to sell at market for two birr a bundle.’
    • ‘They get about 2 birr a kilo compared to just 25 Ethiopian cents last year.’
    • ‘Nearby Fatuma Issak explains that her one-year old, Saptia, cradled in her lap, had been sick for two months now and she couldn't afford the 12 birr for treatment at the clinic.’
    • ‘When I do make a few birr, I have to plan it to last for a couple of days.’
    • ‘Last year, two smaller regional centres were established with a grant of one million Ethiopian birr approved by Colligan's office.’
    • ‘I have taken a loan of 300 birr and I can use it to buy more produce at a cheaper price.’


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