Definition of birdwatcher in US English:



  • A person who observes birds in their natural surroundings as a hobby.

    • ‘An amateur bird-watcher has found the first new bird species to be discovered in India in over 50 years.’
    • ‘I told the briefer I was an avid bird-watcher and asked if I could find anything in the field beyond the airstrip.’
    • ‘Vijay Cavale, a bird-watcher and nature photographer, observes that almost all barn owls that he has seen are from the urban habitats.’
    • ‘No precise data on West Nile-related deaths are available for wild crows, but bird-watchers have noted far fewer of the birds in certain areas where they once thrived.’
    • ‘Experts had never been able to confirm repeated sightings by amateur bird-watchers over the years, and many of them considered the bird at least unofficially extinct.’
    • ‘We can no longer maintain the old Cartesian view that we can observe Nature like a bird-watcher with a perfect hide.’
    • ‘Fish's organization provides charts to help bird-watchers predict the best viewing time for various raptor species, from the golden eagle to the merlin.’
    • ‘Puzzled, Parker listened again and then decided to tape the call and play it back to lure the bird into the open, a trick every bird-watcher knows.’
    • ‘The president of our company is something of a bird-watcher.’
    • ‘No wonder then that the city is a bird-watcher's delight as members of the Delhi Bird Group discover every weekend.’
    • ‘Bombing birds' nests is actually a boon for bird-watchers, since the ones that survive become rarer, and more exciting to spot.’
    • ‘The real fear for the bird-watchers was not having the birds to watch any longer.’
    • ‘Do bird-watchers, by watching birds, influence the behavior of the birds they are watching?’
    • ‘To watch birds, the bird-watcher is prepared to get up earlier than the birds.’
    • ‘So say environmentalists and bird-watchers who blame rapid construction activity in the City over the past two decades for the little harmless bird being on the ‘verge of extinction’ here.’
    • ‘With breeding time for pelicans due in October, the sighting of the birds has caused a flutter among bird-watchers.’
    • ‘Mnemonics like these are still used in field guides and help modern bird-watchers identify animals in the wild.’
    • ‘As a long-time fan of Bill's natural style of presentation and a lifelong bird-watcher, I sat down to enjoy the article.’
    • ‘For example, if I were to plant a tree in my yard for some shade, that tree might attract some birds that the woman across the street, an avid bird-watcher, would enjoy seeing.’
    • ‘So, the bird-watcher arises earlier than the birds, goes into the field or the wood, and settles absolutely still and alert, utterly quiet and immobile, and yet intensely alive to all that may happen.’