Definition of bird cherry in US English:

bird cherry


  • A small wild cherry tree or shrub, with bitter black fruit that is eaten by birds.

    Genus Prunus, family Rosaceae: many species, including the pin cherry (P. pensylvanica) of North America

    • ‘Nearly six hectares have been put in with a mix of ash, alder, downey birch, and sessile oak along with secondary species of rowan, goat willow, bird cherry and a lower shrub layer of hazel and hawthorn.’
    • ‘These little acacia and bird cherry trees look a little out of place as they rock in tandem with the waves in the backwaters.’
    • ‘He says that the caterpillars are ermine moths, which weave silk tents over bird cherry and other fruit trees.’
    • ‘Other woody species, present in small numbers, included birch, bird cherry, aspen, and alder.’
    • ‘Since 2000, 32 different species of tree have been planted including oak, ash, small-leaved limes and bird cherry, while a carpet of bluebells and daffodils has also been sown.’
    • ‘The wood of oak, hazel, rowan, alder, willow, juniper, ash, bird cherry and aspen will take shape on the shores of Loch Katrine over the next 20 years using thousands of acres of land leased to the Forestry Commission.’
    • ‘Sieve tube sap was obtained from severed stylets of the oat - bird cherry aphid, Rhopalosiphum padi (L.).’
    • ‘Willow and alder fair well on wet sites with bird cherry suited to damp terrain.’
    • ‘Bird cherry blooming is one of the most distinctive phenomena in nature cycle.’
    • ‘However, last fall's longer-than-usual growing season also left the crop vulnerable for a longer period of time to bird cherry oat aphids, which can carry the barley yellow dwarf virus into wheat plants.’
    • ‘Wild cherry, also known as bird cherry, or mazzard cherry is very attractive when in bloom and its autumn fruits - when you are able to gather them before the birds do - are good to eat.’
    • ‘The bird cherry is quite rare in Ireland although widely distributed.’