Definition of bird's-nest in English:



  • 1A North American brownish or yellowish flowering plant of the wintergreen family, with scalelike leaves. The bird's-nest is a saprophyte that lacks chlorophyll. Also called giant bird's-nest.

    • ‘Yellow bird's-nest (Monotropa hypopitys) is endangered.’
    • ‘A team from the Open University carried out an experiment concerning Yellow Bird's-nest Monotropa hypopitys.’
    • ‘In Europe it is known as Yellow Bird's Nest, the knotted windings of the strange root presumedly resembling a bird's nest.’
    • ‘Another species, called bird's nest, is found in Britain and Europe.’
    • ‘It is a Sierra Nevada native and has a number of common names including woodland pinedrops, beechdrops, giant bird's nest or giant pinedrops.’
  • 2A fungus of worldwide distribution that grows on dead wood and other plant debris. It produces a small bowl-shaped fruiting body that opens to reveal egg-shaped organs containing the spores.

    • ‘Bird's nest fungi are saprophytes that decay wood, bark, and mulch, and do not harm plants.’
    • ‘As bird's nest fungi are saprophytes and thus decomposers of organic material, they are found most often in New Zealand on decaying wood, small twigs, tree fern debris and sometimes on animal dung.’
    • ‘It has great information about the bird's nest fungi.’
    • ‘The Bird's Nest fungi use the hydraulic pressure of water to disperse the peridioles.’
    • ‘Bird's nest fungi are a small group of saprophytic fungi that have a unique way of reproducing.’