Definition of bird's-foot trefoil in US English:

bird's-foot trefoil

(also birdsfoot trefoil)


  • A small plant of the pea family with leaves that consist of three leaflets, yellow flowers streaked with red, and triple pods that resemble the feet of a bird.

    Lotus corniculatus, family Leguminosae

    • ‘Plants thriving on the meadows include oxeye daisy, yellow-rattle, meadowsweet, bird's-foot trefoil and common knapweed.’
    • ‘Bird's-foot trefoil, though not a grass, also can be seeded in ditch bottoms and slopes (see ground cover tables 1 and 2).’
    • ‘Bird's-foot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.) is a perennial forage legume used for pasture, hay and silage in many regions of the world.’
    • ‘The clear yellow flowers of the greater bird's-foot-trefoil are at the top of the stem.’
    • ‘Bird's foot trefoil will grow well in a sunny position, for example in a rockery, or at the front of a wildflower border and because it withstands trampling well, it can also be planted in a lawn or by the side of a path.’