Definition of bipartisanship in US English:



  • Agreement or cooperation between two political parties that usually oppose each other's policies.

    ‘a renewed spirit of political bipartisanship’
    • ‘We have continued to see a general spirit of bipartisanship, though not on every single issue.’
    • ‘We saw a lot of fraying of bipartisanship this week.’
    • ‘They were able to avert the bipartisanship crisis and come together to restore the faith of everyone working in the local media industry.’
    • ‘In that country, apparently, no such bipartisanship is apparently possible.’
    • ‘The transportation secretary is a former congressman known for bipartisanship and candor.’
    • ‘The general praised both men for their strong bipartisanship on defense issues.’
    • ‘The governor keeps saying he wants a new era of bipartisanship, he wants to take the high road.’
    • ‘I think what we really need is a bipartisanship approach to healthcare.’
    • ‘On the budget, there's really been no bipartisanship at all.’
    • ‘I think the people of this country would really love to see some genuine bipartisanship.’