Definition of biowarfare in English:



  • Biological warfare, including the use of toxins of biological origin or microorganisms as weapons of war.

    • ‘Chapter five, which deals with the spectre of bioterrorism and biowarfare, prognosticates with frightening plausibility on the worst, largely unregulated modern evil.’
    • ‘Additional work must go toward defense against pathogens and toxins developed as weapons of terrorism and biowarfare…’
    • ‘It purportedly screens for pathogens involved in disease or biowarfare.’
    • ‘In addition to the thinktank, Mr Bush called for a government centre that would focus on weapons of mass destruction and prevent the trafficking of biowarfare.’
    • ‘Untoward events, natural or deliberate, such as those due to terrorism or biowarfare may appear simultaneously in multiple locations.’
    • ‘Awareness of the threat of microbial spread has increased because biowarfare has challenged our mind-set and made us realize that we no longer can take our safety for granted.’
    • ‘They confiscated scientific apparatus, computers, and research books whose subjects reportedly included bioterrorism, biowarfare, and correspondence.'’
    • ‘Last year the United States, alone among the nations of the world, rejected the Kyoto global warming accords, a plan for an international criminal court of justice, and a treaty strengthening protections against biowarfare.’
    • ‘Safeguards are needed to ensure fulfillment of that trust, in particular, to ensure that science is not used in bioterrorism or biowarfare.’
    • ‘I'm going to give you three steps we need to do to prepare this nation better for bioterrorism or biowarfare.’
    • ‘The major threat of biowarfare was described by Dr Edmiston.’
    • ‘The New York team's work, published yesterday in the online version of the journal Science, alarmed polio specialists, but also prompted concerns that other viruses more suitable for biowarfare, such as smallpox, could be synthesised.’
    • ‘Stores of smallpox, however, are kept in a few places around the world and could be used in biowarfare.’
    • ‘Back in 2003 David L. Englin, a US military officer, made a strong case for universal health insurance on national security grounds, especially as a defense against biowarfare.’
    • ‘It's a tremendously important academic and scientific institution that grew out of the ashes of America's offensive biowarfare program.’