Definition of bioturbated in US English:



  • See bioturbation

    • ‘Sandbodies are abruptly overlain by bioturbated sandy muds with flint pebble horizons that represent transgressive reworking of the delta top and deepening into open shelf conditions.’
    • ‘As the bioturbating activity of animals mixes faecal material into the primary sediment fabric, assumptions about clay mineral homogeneity in any given bioturbated sediment package may be erroneous.’
    • ‘However, its stratigraphic position is constrained by the first appearance of bioturbated mud facies typical of the distal ice-shelf setting in the other cores, as well as by the shear strength data.’
    • ‘The transition is characterized by the occurrence of nodular, bioturbated limestones that indicate a decrease in accumulation rate.’
    • ‘The high trace fossil abundance but low diversity in the heavily bioturbated horizons points to a relatively restricted or stressed environment.’