Definition of biostratigraphically in US English:



  • See biostratigraphy

    • ‘Neither their taxonomy nor their nomenclature is settled, they are underutilized biostratigraphically and paleoenvironmentally, and evolutionary relationships within the group are largely unexplored.’
    • ‘In all cases, biostratigraphically well-dated reference sections, against which the relevant geochemical data have been calibrated, are required in the first instance.’
    • ‘They have been widely used biostratigraphically in Jurassic to Pleistocene rock sequences.’
    • ‘One solution to this apparent contradiction is to make the reasonable suggestion that average sampling rates for marine animals as a whole greatly underestimate the sampling rates for the biostratigraphically useful groups.’
    • ‘The presence of these plant remains in a regionally and globally correlatable marine assemblage aids correlation of continental strata with established, biostratigraphically time equivalent, marine strata.’