Definition of biostratigraphic in US English:



  • See biostratigraphy

    • ‘Advances in biostratigraphic precision and in isotopic age-dating now permit much more precise definition of the deformation episodes, with the result that many distinct phases are recognized.’
    • ‘During the 1990s, combined investigations of Western and Asian teams on many of the more important Asian sections added a wealth of new stratigraphic and biostratigraphic information.’
    • ‘Surely, these are not the most adequate sources for precise biostratigraphic data neglecting other results attained by many authors recently and long ago.’
    • ‘The seismic horizons have been calibrated using biostratigraphic and lithological data from exploration boreholes in the UK and Faroes sectors.’
    • ‘However, the lack of consistently good quality biostratigraphic data makes the accurate picking of biozone tops and bases uncertain in most North Sea well sections.’
    • ‘The timing of the deformation is critical to each of these models but so far isotopic ages and biostratigraphic evidence have been equivocal.’