Definition of bioscientist in English:



  • See bioscience

    • ‘Our figures include foreign as well as domestic citations, because 40 percent of all paper citations in U.S. agricultural biotech patents now cite papers written by foreign bioscientists.’
    • ‘From the portrayal of bioscientists by the media, the public is given the impression that critics of GM constitute a tiny minority among the research community.’
    • ‘Stem cells have long been described as the holy grail of bioscientists.’
    • ‘It is interesting to recall that bioscientists unlike those involved in the Manhattan Project, seem to have been sensitized to the need for keeping in sight the ethical consequences of their research.’
    • ‘One of the principle architects of the plan, bioscientist Sir Chris Evans, told the BBC: ‘Britain pioneered this entire field but now we are sliding backwards somewhat, as others accelerate ahead.’’