Definition of biosatellite in US English:



  • An artificial satellite that serves as an automated laboratory, conducting biological experiments on living organisms.

    • ‘Since 1973, Russia has launched 10 biosatellites (NASA has participated in the last 8 of these missions) for space flights of 5 to 22 days in duration.’
    • ‘At the same time, I indicated NASA's desire to continue to work informally or through the AACB with members of the Air Staff and AFSC to coordinate our mutual biosatellite program interests.’
    • ‘Wistar rats spent from 1 to 3 weeks on the ` Kosmos’ biosatellites.’
    • ‘But biosatellites could be positioned in a variety of orbits, exposing them to various kinds and amounts of radiation.’
    • ‘Since then a number of biosatellites have been flown into orbit, testing weightlessness in different types of plants and animals.’
    • ‘Organs of rats flown for 19.5 days on board the Cosmos - 782 biosatellite were investigated morphologically and cytochemically.’
    • ‘Sonnenfeld is an internationally recognized immunologist and a groundbreaking space-flight researcher whose experiments have been part of several space shuttle flights and three Russian biosatellites.’
    • ‘Other types of satellites include those used to monitor earth from a military standpoint, and biosatellites, which may carry animals or other lifeforms for the purpose of research on earth lifeforms in space.’
    • ‘The major features of this site are links to hundreds of news stories about astrobiology and links to hundreds of astrobiological resources, including such topics as astrochemistry, biosatellites and panspermia.’
    • ‘These biosatellites provided the foundation for subsequent experiments on the space shuttle's international life sciences Spacelab missions.’
    • ‘B. Kaskey, Bellcomm, Inc., gave NASA Apollo Program Director Samuel C. Phillips three reasons why an AS - 204 rescue of or rendezvous with a biosatellite would be impracticable.’
    • ‘Information regarding the functional and morphological changes in human skeletal muscle after space flight is relatively limited and studies in this area have predominantly used rats orbited in Russian biosatellites and American space shuttles.’
    • ‘Immediately after the biosatellite was recovered, attempts were made to revive the primate but there was no response to remedial measures.’
    • ‘This site contains astrobiology news and links about: astrochemistry, bioinformatics, biosatellites, gravitational biology, hydrothermal vent communities, genomics, astropaleobiology, radiation physiology, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, extremophiles, exopaleontology, cell biology, evolution, planetary protection, and space medicine.’
    • ‘This was a program in which we flew U.S. life science experiments, mainly those experiments that used animals, plants, cells, and tissues on the Russian biosatellites.’
    • ‘More extensive use of rotational spaceflight research platforms is planned for the International Space Station and free-flying biosatellites in coming years.’