Definition of bioprinting in US English:



  • The use of 3D printing technology with materials that incorporate viable living cells, e.g. to produce tissue for reconstructive surgery.

    ‘welcome to the age of bioprinting, where the machines we've built are building bits and pieces of us’
    • ‘The longer term holy grail of 3D bioprinting is the ability to be able to print viable human tissue for grafting or implant into the human body.’
    • ‘Two NASA researchers are developing a way to "grow" trees using 3D bioprinting technology.’
    • ‘Extremely promising breakthroughs in recent years have generated global interest in 3D bioprinting.’
    • ‘In his review article Professor Derby looks at experiments where porous structures have been made through bioprinting.’
    • ‘Recently, there has been growing interest in applying bioprinting techniques to stem cell research.’
    • ‘The company says that their goal is to open up bioprinting to a broader group of users.’
    • ‘Pundits say such 3D bioprinting has vast potential, and could one day be used to transform specially engineered cells into structural beams, food, and human tissue.’
    • ‘For now, bioprinting pioneers hope to make use of even the smallest 3D-printed organs.’
    • ‘The startup company has figured out a way to combine the process of bioprinting with edible food so they can create a hamburger patty.’
    • ‘Layer-by-layer bioprinting of artificial tissues like cartilage, which has a stratified structure, is a logical choice, say the researchers.’