Definition of biopolymer in US English:



  • A polymeric substance occurring in living organisms, e.g. a protein, cellulose, or DNA.

    • ‘It is commonly known that a biopolymer like RNA must fold into a precise three-dimensional conformation for it to properly function.’
    • ‘Another potential growth-promoting feed additive may be found in the form of biopolymers of amino acids such as aspartate, which have been shown to enhance nutrient uptake in agronomic plants.’
    • ‘Another relevant class of biopolymers for which stretching measurements are available is constituted by polysaccharides, in particular cellulose, amylose, and dextran.’
    • ‘The understanding of molecular interactions and binding also provides the basis for many biotechnology designs and processes, such as rational design of artificial affinity ligands for biopolymers purification.’
    • ‘This method is appropriate for inhomogeneous systems such as aqueous biopolymers, liquid/liquid interfaces, and lipid bilayers containing peptides, for two reasons.’
    • ‘The fact that biopolymers with considerably different structural arrangement display this solvent-induced harmonic-to-anharmonic transition points to existence of a common molecular mechanism driving the transition.’
    • ‘These examples, though based on the simplified local approximation for the persistence length, illustrate well how the basic elastic properties of various biopolymers can be influenced by their finite thickness.’
    • ‘Many filamentous biopolymers such as DNA and protein filaments are highly charged polyelectrolytes that frequently occur in compact and ordered forms in biological systems.’
    • ‘Such power laws with exponents close to 2 have been shown for several biopolymers, where the polymer concentration corresponds to that of gel preparation.’
    • ‘Chemically, apoplastic barriers of roots are depositions of the biopolymers lignin and suberin within the cell wall matrix, which may occlude wall pores previously filled with water.’
    • ‘The reason is that every material including biopolymers has a mechanical failure threshold.’
    • ‘This contrasts with other biopolymers, such as actin, that show better agreement with the scaling of such simple models.’
    • ‘The unmodified biopolymers may be nucleic acids, polypeptides, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and analogues thereof.’
    • ‘The unique properties of this chromophore provide a powerful tool (particularly in single-tryptophan proteins) to learn about these biopolymers without introducing the perturbation of an external probe.’
    • ‘Even in its natural state, the melanin biopolymer contains free electrons in its conjugated structure.’
    • ‘These chains include a large number of biopolymers such as DNA and actin.’
    • ‘The expression is used to analyze experimental data for the stretching of various different types of biopolymers: polypeptides, polysaccharides, and nucleic acids.’
    • ‘Measuring and understanding the magnitude of the dielectrophoretic force exerted on important biopolymers such as DNA is a difficult fundamental problem that we address in this article.’
    • ‘As such, tropoelastin and its synthetic analogs have been a subject of intense investigation in the field of biopolymers and protein engineering.’
    • ‘Moreover, it has practical application in the photostimulation of the interaction affinity of small molecules with polymers and biopolymers that provides the basis for the development of future optoelectronical devices.’