Definition of biopharma in US English:



  • 1usually as modifier Biopharmaceutical companies collectively as a sector of industry.

    ‘biopharma firms specializing in the development of new cancer drugs’
    ‘Asia-Pacific countries may eventually be the centre for global biopharma’
    • ‘The alliance will also focus on technology-based small pharma and biopharma companies in Europe and the US to help them accelerate their drug development via cost-effective services.’
    • ‘Soybeans were planted on a Nebraska state field where an experimental biopharma maize was grown the year before.’
    • ‘When asked if they agree with the statement that "All in all, the money patients spend on prescription medication is worth it", 84% of the biopharma people agree, as do 80% of the patients.’
    • ‘The biopharma sector contributed the highest share of exports, 73 per cent.’
    • ‘No matter what type of company you're looking at - a large conglomerate, a high-growth tech company, or a biopharma start-up - there's a value, or range of values, that we can work out for the company.’
    • ‘With biopharma still in its infancy, the Grange Castle development is of potential significance to the Irish economy.’
    • ‘Large biopharma operations are likely to look outside Ireland to source staff with skills in short supply here.’
    • ‘I do think that (for various reasons) it will hurt your small biopharma company's chances if you establish it in, say, Sioux Falls, Yakima, or Louisville.’
    • ‘One is a process development lab, which will assist Indian biopharma companies in developing and scaling up manufacturing processes for new products and also train their process personnel.’
    • ‘Biopharma involves a heavy commitment to research and aims to use naturally-occurring ingredients in the manufacture of drugs, rather than inputs with a synthetic chemical base.’
    • ‘Hundreds of acres of fields have been planted with GE crops designed to produce various experimental medicines and vaccines that are part of the much-touted 'biopharma' industry.’
    • ‘But, interestingly, "Biopharmaceutical companies" get ranked at 11% by people in biopharma, 5% by patients, and at 1% by physicians and managed care.’
    • ‘Also, it's very interested in biotechnology, biopharma, so from an economic perspective, the partnership makes sense.’
    1. 1.1 A biopharmaceutical company.
      ‘large West Coast biopharmas’
      • ‘On the other hand, they do often form partnerships with young biopharmas that have innovative technology, something that he did not address.’
      • ‘The Alliance was formed two years ago to improve networking among large and small biopharmas.’
      • ‘Instead of making very large bets on relatively few potential blockbuster drug candidates, biopharmas are focusing more on therapies that are addressing specific disease areas.’
      • ‘The overarching lesson of this list is that biopharmas are frequently the hottest things around.’
      • ‘Employment in San Diego's life sciences sector grew by 15 percent over the past two years, as biopharmas, medical device companies, and other employers added roughly 5,550 jobs.’
      • ‘Recent high-profile deals between Indian biotech companies and multinational biopharmas have proved that India's growing biotechnology sector is a source for R&D collaborations and innovative treatments.’
      • ‘Biopharmas are concentrating their spending on late-stage projects, he said.’
      • ‘Biopharmas are doing tons of research in this area.’
      • ‘ApoLife has licensed its technology to three major biopharmas and is working with two other companies to produce therapeutics and diagnostics and stem cell factors.’