Definition of biomimetics in US English:



  • See biomimetic

    • ‘Building a scorpion based on biologically derived design principles is the basis of a new discipline called biomimetics, or the mimicking of nature.’
    • ‘Against this backdrop, it is easy to see why several funding agencies have expanded the area of research in biomimetics - in particular, biomimetic electromagnetic sensing.’
    • ‘This reference refers to a just released volume containing the proceedings from a small conference in Greece of people interested in biomimetics.’
    • ‘Oral cancer, chronic pain conditions, salivary function and dysfunction, the genetics of craniofacial development, and biomimetics and tissue engineering are among the many issues addressed by NIDCR researchers.’
    • ‘Supported lipid bilayers are popular as model systems for cell membranes and are promising for future applications in diagnostic devices and biomimetics.’