Definition of biometric reader in English:

biometric reader


  • An electronic device that determines identity by detecting and matching physical characteristics.

    • ‘In June 2004, biometric readers were installed at the 50 busiest points of entry.’
    • ‘It will involve the use of ubiquitous cameras and biometric readers that, once backed by a central computer, will recognize faces and license plates.’
    • ‘Online transactions are not helped unless a completely secure and uncompromised biometric reader is involved, which rules out bank machines and Internet transactions for starters.’
    • ‘For example, the cryptologic group is working with researchers to develop biometric readers that will use a combination of the card and retina scans or palm prints to grant access to secure facilities.’
    • ‘In large corporations using access control cards, biometric readers can serve as a second means of verification.’
    • ‘Connect that to a variety of biometric readers so the bad guys can't hide their identities behind, say, phony fingerprints or contact lenses.’
    • ‘Manufacturers will have the option of building high-end features into devices, such as fingerprint and other biometric readers.’
    • ‘Capital costs will peg out at around £186m plus between £250 to £750 per biometric reader.’
    • ‘The computer security industry has several solutions that are better than passwords: secure tokens that provide one-time passwords, biometric readers, etc.’
    • ‘Other systems of checks are perfectly feasible, such as a local card reader and biometric reader verifying identity, removing the need for central records to be kept’
    • ‘Faces and irises are more resistant to this attack (you have to observe the person, not just find his card), but forgery is still quite practical, particularly in situations where the biometric reader is unattended.’
    • ‘As you may note, a picture is in these terms a biometric, while a camera is a biometric reader, which they are.’
    • ‘Today, most biometric readers offer a probability of somewhere between 92 and 98 percent.’
    • ‘One office facility experimented with a biometric reader several years ago, but its occupants found that the system was too tedious and time-consuming to use.’
    • ‘The one point that does make sense is that it would have been better if the bank had a more stringent security policy that required a smartcard or some biometric reader.’


biometric reader

/ˌbīōˌmetrik ˈrēdər/