Definition of biomethane in US English:



  • Methane produced by the fermentation of organic matter.

    ‘renewable gas in the form of biomethane could be a key contributor to a stable and reliable energy supply’
    • ‘Sugar Kelp (laminaria saccharina) can produce about 50 liters of ethanol and 20 cubic meters of biomethane per wet ton.’
    • ‘A part of the biogas is CO2, which gets separated from the biomethane and recycled.’
    • ‘We are convinced there is a potential for seaweed as biomass for ethanol and biomethane.’
    • ‘In the past year, the share of biomethane in natural gas fuel has risen from 6 to over 15 percent.’
    • ‘The current figures are proof that biomethane can make a substantial contribution towards clean mobility based on domestic energy.’
    • ‘Dubbed the Bio-Bus, the eco-friendly bus can travel up to 186 miles on one tank of biomethane gas.’
    • ‘Biomethane can be produced from waste products.’
    • ‘The new facility will produce biomethane by converting animal waste into methane gas.’
    • ‘A transnational biomethane market is, according to the study, still at the beginning.’
    • ‘Over 80 percent of the biomethane is produced from agricultural waste.’