Definition of biomechanical in US English:



  • Relating to the mechanical laws concerning the movement or structure of living organisms.

    ‘a biomechanical advantage’
    ‘we do a lot of biomechanical analysis of my running’
    • ‘It was a biomechanical scanner for his left eye.’
    • ‘Dancers can get fascinated with the biomechanical specificity of their technique, neglecting rhythm and phrasing.’
    • ‘The technology, usually the cornerstone of sci-fi, is biomechanical rather than metallic.’
    • ‘The study presented has documented no clear patterns of biomechanical change in human bone with the introduction of agriculture.’
    • ‘Other authors have examined the biomechanical properties of braided hamstring tendon grafts.’
    • ‘This is a stretching and toning system that combines elements of yoga with the biomechanical principles of ballet.’
    • ‘The machines had perfectly knitted a biomechanical extension of his nervous system.’
    • ‘The second culprit is a biomechanical form of laziness that keeps the lower back from doing its fair share of the work, and thereby stunts its development.’
    • ‘Occasionally found in some knees, it is a ridge or fold of extraneous soft tissue with no known biomechanical function.’
    • ‘The potential of a new traumatic event is of concern when the biomechanical properties of the healed capsular tissue have been shown to be diminished.’