Definition of biomaterial in US English:



  • Synthetic or natural material suitable for use in constructing artificial organs and prostheses or to replace bone or tissue.

    • ‘Sections that I visit frequently include those involving artificial kidneys and dialysis, gas exchange and artificial lungs, liver-assist devices, detoxification, and biomaterials.’
    • ‘Researchers are applying chemical imaging techniques to investigations of cellular function, disease processes, protein interactions, DNA, biomaterials, and pharmaceuticals.’
    • ‘And now that we understand that, it may be possible to engineer novel, rationally-designed biomaterials that can control those interactions.’
    • ‘Prompted by this discovery, researchers are developing biomaterials specifically for the regeneration and repair of tissue, shifting the emphasis from replacement of tissues to regeneration.’
    • ‘With these measurements, we demonstrate that, by varying particle surface modifications, we can selectively tune the sensitivity of the particles to the different physical properties of the biomaterials they probe.’
    • ‘Various tissue-engineering approaches were developed using natural or synthetic biomaterials as scaffolds for cell growth.’
    • ‘These considerations are important to keep in mind in the rational design of biomaterials for applications in tissue engineering and wound healing.’
    • ‘We thus applied for and have been granted several International and US patents on the subject, describing our results on biomaterials useful for bone repair and replacement for craniofacial, dental and orthopaedic applications.’
    • ‘Human hair keratins provide a structural diversity ideal for biomaterials and are highly tolerated as implantable materials.’
    • ‘First, stem cells, when mixed with biomaterials known as scaffolds, can help regenerate bone growth and damaged tissue.’
    • ‘These pioneering efforts were followed by more than a decade of research on the degenerative processes of the spine, spinal biomechanics and biomaterials before serious efforts to produce an artificial disc were resumed.’
    • ‘‘This is a powerful technique that can be used for biomaterials modification,’ Schmidt said, ‘and it hasn't really been explored very much until now.’’
    • ‘Both showed that the biomaterials stimulated stem cells, producing new bone tissue and fully repairing the rats' bones.’
    • ‘The enterprise body also aims to concentrate on emerging areas such as biomaterials (material used in medical devices) and bioinformatics (using computers to process biological data such as the human genome).’
    • ‘In comparison, implanted biomaterials, prosthetics, and devices have inanimate surfaces.’
    • ‘Manufacturing biomaterials from natural fibres makes environmental sense says Dr. Sain.’
    • ‘In the orthopedics and invasive surgery areas, is the advance of technology and ongoing improvement of biomaterials itself a driver of product enhancement, apart from the general population aging and other influences?’
    • ‘Testers suitable for a variety of biomaterials, polymers, and gels’
    • ‘The technologies combine human tissue or cells (viable or non-viable, allogeneic or autologous) with synthetic biomaterials.’
    • ‘This information would provide insight into the mechanisms of cell migration and could also guide the design of biomaterials that interact with tissue cells.’