Definition of biomagnify in US English:



  • See biomagnification

    • ‘This reflects an unfortunate coincidence of transboundary effects combined with the tendency for pollutants to ‘biomagnify’ in northern ecosystems.’
    • ‘Similar to many other pollutants, mercury biomagnifies up the food chain so the larger and older a fish, the greater the potential for contamination with mercury.’
    • ‘These chemicals ‘biomagnify’ in the food web and are ‘persistent,’ passing from generation to generation.’
    • ‘Each of these compounds are important contaminants in biological systems as they readily bioaccumulate and biomagnify in the food chain.’
    • ‘Fish are vulnerable to methylmercury contamination because watery environments enhance the ability of this organic metal to biomagnify - meaning that it concentrates as it is siphoned up the food chain.’