Definition of biomagnification in US English:



  • The concentration of toxins in an organism as a result of its ingesting other plants or animals in which the toxins are more widely disbursed.

    • ‘‘Now, the mercury in the bay traveled through the system by that process we environmentalists like to call: biomagnification,’ the teacher droned, repeating that statement for about the fortieth time.’
    • ‘Vectors for POPs are the same as for heavy metals (i.e., ocean currents, precipitation, and biomagnification through the food chain, especially the marine food chain).’
    • ‘Then we go further and I see that we are acknowledging that the Arctic ecosystems and indigenous communities are particularly at risk, because of the biomagnification, and that it is a public health issue.’
    • ‘Formation of methyl-mercury in aquatic environments leads to biomagnification and neurotoxicity in consuming mammals.’
    • ‘It was only after huge amounts had been used and birdwatchers began noticing that eagles were disappearing that biologists discovered biomagnification, the concentration of material up the food chain.’
    • ‘Beyond its scientific meaning, biomagnification serves more broadly as a useful metaphor for southern impact in the north in the sense that many impacts felt in the north tend to be magnified and concentrated.’
    • ‘But the researchers found that BMAA accumulates and becomes more potent as it moves up the food chain - a process called biomagnification.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, insecticides like DDT used to control the mosquitoes was found to ripple through the web of life in a process called biomagnification, and proved to be dangerous to other species, including humans.’
    • ‘Another factor could be the processes of bioaccumulation and biomagnification, which result in human tissue concentrations that are higher than the concentrations in the exposure environment.’