Definition of bioluminescent in US English:



  • See bioluminescence

    • ‘When you reach the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge, just south of town, mountain-bike a trail network among thousands of migratory birds, then cap it off with a swim in the nearby bioluminescent bay.’
    • ‘In a new study, researchers from London inserted the firefly gene that activates bioluminescent light into modified cancer cells, hoping to set off a chain of events that has a proven track record at fighting the disease.’
    • ‘Scarier yet, some deep-sea-dwelling, sci-fi-looking breeds of anglerfish, which attract prey by dangling a bioluminescent lure from their foremost dorsal spine, can take down fish their own size in a single gulp.’
    • ‘Mosquito Bay is one of the last and best of the world's bioluminescent coves, blessed with billions of tiny, delicate dinoflagellates that sparkle like gems at the slightest motion.’
    • ‘Exactly 56 minutes after sunset, in the shallows around the Island, the females come to the surface and while swimming in circles, emit their eggs in green bioluminescent clouds.’