Definition of biological warfare in US English:

biological warfare


  • The use of toxins of biological origin or microorganisms as weapons of war.

    ‘opposed to chemical and biological warfare’
    • ‘Anyone who knows much about biological warfare, that sends little chills down you.’
    • ‘But in any event, I think that this issue of biological warfare is a very explosive one that has to be handled carefully.’
    • ‘Anthrax may not be a very useful weapon of biological warfare, but it provides a potent metaphor for the fears of Western society after 11 September.’
    • ‘In fact, biological warfare capabilities are probably where nuclear weapons were in the 1940s.’
    • ‘As it is easily reproduced in biological laboratories, it has found a military use as a weapon of biological warfare.’
    • ‘We are asking protection for our people from chemical warfare, from biological warfare, which we are expecting.’
    • ‘Ricin has the potential to be used as an agent of biological warfare and as a weapon of mass destruction.’
    • ‘And then the government, on its part, has taken a lot of emergency precautions to safeguard the population from chemical or biological warfare.’
    • ‘With biological warfare, you may not know it in four or five days.’
    • ‘As a naturally occurring disease smallpox is potent and as a weapon of biological warfare it is terrifying.’
    • ‘When generations of suffering respond with bombs, suicidal attacks, and biological warfare, who first developed these weapons?’
    • ‘Changes in this background can indicate the presence of a man-made aerosol associated with a biological warfare attack.’
    • ‘So we're just not much prepared in this country for biological and of biological terrorism and biological warfare.’
    • ‘Their biological warfare capability is probably more of a theoretical idea than anything else.’
    • ‘This makes biological warfare weapons easier to create, because the genomes of many viruses that attack humans are already known.’
    • ‘Thus, we have a public failure to invest economic resources in the fight against biological warfare.’
    • ‘The threat of biological agents for use in biological warfare is of tremendous concern to public health officials and the public at large.’
    • ‘In 1957, stocks of chemical weapons were destroyed, while biological warfare programmes were designated as defensive.’
    • ‘I have been looking at biological warfare for seven years and this is the day I have not been looking forward to.’
    • ‘By the time an agent of biological warfare is identified, many people in metropolitan areas would likely have been exposed to it already.’


biological warfare