Definition of biological control in US English:

biological control


  • The control of a pest by the introduction of a natural enemy or predator.

    • ‘Development of biological control for plant diseases is accepted as a durable and environmentally friendly alternative for agrochemicals.’
    • ‘Many species of predatory arthropods overwinter in pear orchards of the Pacific Northwest, and it is likely that some of these taxa provide biological control of orchard pests in spring.’
    • ‘One of the major benefits of using omnivorous predators as biological control agents is the potential for predicting and promoting their efficacy.’
    • ‘As biological control agents, these predators have often been introduced to areas beyond their natural range.’
    • ‘Elton focuses on changes in population and community dynamics that result from accidental and deliberate human introductions and subsequent attempts at biological control.’
    • ‘The biological control of insect pests by using spiders as predators is being studied in four districts of Kerala.’
    • ‘The strategy of fighting a pest with its natural enemy - biological control - has been around for more than 100 years.’
    • ‘Simple laboratory tests can determine whether larval competition or hyperparasitism occurs among parasitoid species targeted for biological control.’
    • ‘They have also been used for biological control, introduced into various islands with the idea that they would control outbreaks of rodent pests.’
    • ‘Of particular concern is selecting potential biological control agents because insects and pathogens cannot be reconciled with identity of the plants from which they were collected.’
    • ‘Growers have also increased their use of biological control in pest management which will ensure that consumers will continue to have fruit of the highest quality and safety standards.’
    • ‘We have taken these analyses further by addressing the level of host suppression, typically the most important factor of successful biological control.’
    • ‘But the scientists cautioned that biological control of pests is risky if the parasites are not specific to the target pest.’
    • ‘The problem is that it is a very potent aphid eater and thus potentially useful in biological control of pest species.’
    • ‘These botanical pesticides are thought to be compatible with biological control as they have little to no impact on natural enemies.’
    • ‘IPM is not a biological control program though biological control is a useful option.’
    • ‘For much of her career she has worked on parasites of marine animals, most recently searching for parasites that could be used as biological control agents against introduced marine pests.’
    • ‘Thus, the present study suggests that common mullein could act as a fairly important source of beneficial mites that provide biological control of pest mites in Pacific Northwest orchards.’
    • ‘Barlow and colleagues summarize six distinct structured models of insect/parasitoid interactions with major insights for biological control.’
    • ‘It is one of the most intensively produced insects over the world for inundative biological control programs.’