Definition of bioindicator in US English:



  • An organism whose status in an ecosystem is analyzed as an indication of the ecosystem's heath.

    • ‘According to Hoham, the Colgate biologist, snow algae also serve as bioindicators.’
    • ‘Raptors can play an important role as bioindicators of habitat quality and pollution.’
    • ‘Burger and Gochfeld provide a thorough discussion of the utility and limitations of using seabirds as bioindicators of pollutants.’
    • ‘We will then observe the use of the systems in a prairie plot where the subjects attempt to identify all PrairieWatch bioindicators.’
    • ‘In conclusion, it should be emphasized that E. complanata is of value as a freshwater bioindicator of xenobiotic contamination.’
    • ‘Read about Bill Baker's research into lichen-rock interface biology or the use of lichens and lichen-feeding moths as bioindicators of air pollution.’
    • ‘Such data are necessary in order to explore the function of the HSR in the natural environment and to explore the utility of physiological measures as possible bioindicators.’