Definition of biographically in US English:



  • See biographical

    • ‘But biographically you have at times seemed to regret that there is something almost dilettante about your involvement in the arts.’
    • ‘That it is both biographically true and entirely factual in the process, makes it more pointed: the tang of real blood, the taste of true tears - but no more true than had it been one of its author's fictions.’
    • ‘WS Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan are indisputably middle-class figures, both biographically and in their place in British culture.’
    • ‘The new tribes, I believe, will be biographically structured - hip-hoppers, Amnesty International members, and so on - people who actually feel that they have something in common no matter where they were born.’
    • ‘The plain truth is that biographically there is really little left to be done.’