Definition of biographical in US English:



  • (of data or a written work) dealing with a particular person's life.

    ‘biographical information’
    ‘biographical books on the Beatles’
    • ‘The 10-meeting course will include the study of leading composers, style of writing and biographical detail.’
    • ‘The lack of good biographical works on our non-Labor politicians is a minor scandal, so this is an event worth noting.’
    • ‘Such questions lie at the heart of all biographical work, but are seldom explicitly acknowledged, or deeply explored.’
    • ‘Obviously, the central biographical facts in all of these volumes must necessarily be identical.’
    • ‘This biographical detail is often imagined to be his nadir, but the truth is that he had passed that point.’
    • ‘Above all, it is his honesty, his willingness to draw on biographical detail that infuses this novel with sad, disarming charm.’
    • ‘There is a wealth of marvellous biographical detail here, with the leading players lit up in the full glare of the garish footlights.’
    • ‘He gives as full an account as possible of the actions for which the recipient got the VC and also gives as many biographical details as are available.’
    • ‘Leading the pack was Cheng Ta-chun for her biographical work, As One Family.’
    • ‘A good biography is weakened by not giving the major biographical facts due prominence.’
    • ‘Instead it is some personality traits rather than biographical detail Brydon and Keith have in common.’
    • ‘The site contains details of his weekly diary, questions he has asked and speeches he has made to Parliament as well as his biographical details.’
    • ‘The catalogue, filled with biographical detail, reads more like an article for Tatler.’
    • ‘As such, this huge biographical project is overblown.’
    • ‘It's so funny about the people it deals with and at the same time so thoughtful in its consideration of the whole biographical enterprise.’
    • ‘The precise, biographical details in this review come from his thorough and patient study which, unlike its rival, inspires trust in a reader.’
    • ‘Even if they pass it down, use of their name and biographical details ensures respectful treatment from their subordinates.’
    • ‘Mr Meehan latest book completes his biographical work on Parliamentarians in Laois and Offaly since 1585.’
    • ‘They have done several biographical works on Mozart and Liszt.’
    • ‘In cinema there's also a legal pressure towards biographical projects.’