Definition of biographer in US English:



  • A person who writes an account of someone's life.

    ‘an important biographer of contemporary artists’
    • ‘According to the biographer, he was the pupil of a glass painter.’
    • ‘To read this paraphrase in context we really need the help of a good literary biographer and social historian.’
    • ‘His biographers have reported how his farmer father used to beat him regularly with a leather strap.’
    • ‘No matter how many biographers elucidate his character, he remains a mystery at the heart of the American experience.’
    • ‘The story is told by Michelangelo's pupil and biographer Condivi and is therefore presumably true in essentials.’
    • ‘The author is a respected political biographer who interviewed many of the former prime minister's cabinet.’
    • ‘I was not sure whether the problem lay with the subject or with the biographer.’
    • ‘The son of an engraver, he is said by his 17th-century biographer to have worked in Germany.’
    • ‘To his biographer, he reported having paid a visit there in February or March 1944.’
    • ‘He had an exceptionally retentive visual memory, and his biographer attested to frequent instances of recollections decades old.’