Definition of biogeographer in US English:



  • See biogeography

    • ‘Most cladistic biogeographers have not been so explicit but have nevertheless implicitly assumed that correspondence to a general pattern implies that individual lineages existed at the same time.’
    • ‘The objective is to bring ecologists, paleontologists, geneticists, biogeographers, and others together to think ambitiously and work on evolutionary problems on a broad scale.’
    • ‘‘The changes [in ocean acidity] aren't huge,’ said John Guinotte, a marine biogeographer at the Marine Conservation Biology Institute in Bellevue, Washington.’
    • ‘Artists, photographers, filmmakers, kids doing nature study, biogeographers, conservation biologists, and activists, as well as taxonomists, shuffle through them for the sake of beauty, curiosity, and amazement.’
    • ‘A phenomenon which fascinated Wallace, and has occupied generations of biogeographers ever since, is the sudden change in flora and fauna that occurs in the twenty-mile wide channel between the small islands of Bali and Lombok.’