Definition of biogeochemist in US English:



  • See biogeochemical

    • ‘At 5 km deep, the water at this site - which scientists have dubbed station ALOHA - has ocean layers that mix just as much as they do in more remote waters, says David M. Karl, a biogeochemist at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.’
    • ‘Now, this compels us to look at the situation, in a more profound way: in the way the famous Russian biogeochemist Vladimir Vernadsky, for example, broadly defined the problem.’
    • ‘Now, the simplest way to look at this is, sort of a friend of mine, Vladimir Vernadsky, the famous Russian biogeochemist, who defined what he called the ‘Noösphere.’’
    • ‘Now, biogeochemist Andrew A. Meharg and his colleague Kenneth Killham, both of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, have shown that dioxins aren't just a modern problem.’
    • ‘Braun and Pfeiffer's research sets forth ‘a circumstantial case with good chemical support;’ says Julie Bartley, a biogeochemist at the State University of West Georgia in Carrollton.’