Definition of bioethics in US English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular The ethics of medical and biological research.

    • ‘The recent discipline of bioethics has grown up largely outside medicine and has developed principles of its own.’
    • ‘Even in bioethics, the trend is toward procedure rather than substance.’
    • ‘So far you've heard from Boyer Lecturers in the areas of the law, of philosophy, of population and social change, and of medicine and bioethics.’
    • ‘Members of this group have expertise in clinical medicine, research, journalism, bioethics, law, or medical editing.’
    • ‘In France, the 1994 bioethics law requires physicians to inform relatives before performing an autopsy.’
    • ‘Even more troubling, though, is the indifference the council has shown to what neuroscience tells us about bioethics itself.’
    • ‘In their eyes, the destiny of bioethicists is to sit on bioethics committees and set public policy.’
    • ‘The ends of human life: bioethics in a liberal polity.’
    • ‘What issues belong at the top of the agenda in bioethics?’
    • ‘Later programs will be involved with medicine and bioethics, with art and culture, and with our history.’
    • ‘A narrow clinical bioethics cannot address these larger social issues.’
    • ‘Most respondents regarded the bioethics law as a cause of the recent decrease of autopsy rate.’
    • ‘Later programs will deal with population and social change, with medical research and bioethics, with art and culture, and with our history.’
    • ‘Understanding and utilizing the principles of bioethics will enable nurses to do just that.’
    • ‘Elliott intertwines his discussion of enhancement technologies with an examination of important issues in bioethics and philosophy.’
    • ‘However, the very name of the council suggests that it is supposed to have an expansive agenda encompassing issues in bioethics.’
    • ‘Among the warnings voiced at the conference was one by Xu Zhi-Wei, a professor of molecular biology, medicine and bioethics.’
    • ‘This has led to productive dialogue between (for example) medical sociology, bioethics, and the medical humanities.’
    • ‘So, for anyone out there sceptical about the relevance of bioethics, these two books demonstrate the wide scope of ethical considerations in medicine.’
    • ‘The articles are a smattering of bioethics and bioengineering, astronomy, epidemiology, and environmental issues.’