Definition of biodynamic in US English:



  • See biodynamics

    • ‘The first American vineyard was certified biodynamic in 1996; today, 14 are certified, with 11 more working toward approval.’
    • ‘Growers are also moving strongly in the direction of organic and biodynamic production, with over 30 domaines now officially sanctioned - this should vastly improve the quality of the fruit that producers have to work with.’
    • ‘The 100% natural, organic and biodynamic skincare line Just Pure is based on the moon's phases: they dictate which ingredients and treatments will be most beneficial for the body at any given time.’
    • ‘So whether that's veganism, which is something Alicia Silverstone has said she practices, or something, the hot new thing, biodynamic eating, which Elizabeth Hurley is apparently a fan of.’
    • ‘A passionate votary of organic produce and one who studied management, he set out to introduce to the farmers biodynamic farming, where special therapeutic preparations for the soil are done, compost and liquid manure are used.’