Definition of biodefense in English:



  • Defensive measures taken to protect against an attack using biological weapons.

    ‘senators say that the government should spend $1.6 billion next year to bolster public health and biodefense’
    • ‘The country is the world's biggest investor in "biodefence".’
    • ‘"Investment in biodefence may look like a screen for the development of weapons that are intended for offensive use," it said.’
    • ‘We wanted to talk to the government about other unclassified work it's doing on biodefence, but no-one was prepared to be interviewed.’
    • ‘So it's given biodefence a greater priority, spending billions more dollars a year.’
    • ‘The area of biodefence that troubles me the most is that related to threat assessment, which involves experiments to characterise possible future threats, so that we can develop defences against them.’
    • ‘It should strengthen clinical competence, public debate, clarity of policy, and support for clinicians, microbiologists, public health professionals, and emergency planners working to secure civilian biodefence.’