Definition of biocontrol in US English:



    • ‘In nematodes he sees a biocontrol agent that could be part of an integrated fly-control program at the feedlot along with traps, manure management, sanitation measures, and parasitic wasps.’
    • ‘Lockwood's investigation, in the 1990s, of a biocontrol for a crop-destroying grasshopper revealed that it also harmed beneficial grasshoppers, and the project was scuttled.’
    • ‘One wasp species has been eliminated as a potential biocontrol because it parasitized one of the nontarget beetle species, Tewksbury explains.’
    • ‘Another biocontrol tool they're investigating is the fire ant-decapitating phorid fly, which uses the ant's head as a protective home for its developing maggot young.’
    • ‘Euglandina rosea, the rosy wolf snail, is a predatory snail that was introduced as a biocontrol agent for A. fulica in Hawaii and other locations outside the continental United States.’
    • ‘Thus, it can be concluded that UV-blocking films work in favor of pest management by discouraging pest colonization while sustaining the activities of some important natural enemies used in the biocontrol of insect pests.’
    • ‘‘And if we don't completely eradicate them, we don't eradicate them at all, unless we come up with a biocontrol mechanism,’ he said.’
    • ‘Competition between rhizosphere bacteria and fungal pathogens for nutrients has also been identified as a biocontrol mechanism.’
    • ‘‘They're about as safe a biocontrol agent as you can get,’ Porter said.’
    • ‘Micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and nematodes are often used as biocontrol agents against insects.’
    • ‘This has been interpreted to mean that a successful biocontrol agent drives its host to a low stable equilibrium.’
    • ‘Since it's very time consuming and inefficient to catch them in the wild, scientists rear the biocontrol agents in captivity on their host insect.’
    • ‘Several biocontrol methods have been attempted to control this insect, but with very limited success.’
    • ‘Sobhian says more studies are needed on G. canella's overwintering habitat and host specificity before its value as a biocontrol can be fully ascertained.’
    • ‘New biocontrol coatings for fruit are being made of reformulated shellac and sucrose ester, a compound derived by combining sugar with a fatty acid.’
    • ‘The RCD virus in NZ was eventually legalised as a biocontrol because authorities realised that they could not contain, eradicate or control the disease.’
    • ‘This conquest through biocontrol has spurred the search for other insects to match the range of climates where the water hyacinth thrives.’
    • ‘In some cases, other methods of weed management such as herbicides, biocontrol, and mechanical control are used to weaken the competitive ability of the weeds.’
    • ‘Classic biocontrol is generally slower acting than chemical pesticides, so noticeable results may take several years.’
    • ‘Classic biocontrol of weeds involves importing a natural enemy from abroad and then releasing it in regions overrun by its host.’