Definition of biocomputer in US English:



  • 1A hypothetical computer based on circuits and components formed from biological molecules or structures that would be smaller and faster than an equivalent computer built from semiconductor components.

    • ‘These same mechanisms would also be available to a multicellular biocomputer.’
    • ‘Also, as the fledgling DNA computer solved problems in far fewer steps than a conventional computer, the researchers expect biocomputers to be capable of dealing with problems of greater complexity while using less space.’
    • ‘Can biocomputer engineers cope with all the distinctive failure modes of living organisms - disease, predation, parasitism, senescence, death?’
    1. 1.1 A human being, or the human mind, regarded as a computer.
      • ‘Why spend long years on the analytical couch exhuming buried memories when you can just reprogram your biocomputer with a few autosuggestive commands?’
      • ‘Try and see if you can silence these voices either by attempting no-mind meditation or imagining these voices as a stereo hook up to your biocomputer so you can experiment with turning them down in volume and then to Mute.’
      • ‘I thought fer years I was having mad anxiety attacks y'know what I was depriving my biocomputer of valuable air.’
      • ‘We are the bosses of our own biocomputers, we program them - do what thou wilt…’