Definition of bioclimatic in US English:



  • Relating to the interrelation of climate and the activities and distribution of living organisms.

    • ‘That area is representative of the black spruce-moss bioclimatic domain, with gently rolling terrain composed of 4 to 5% slopes.’
    • ‘In awarding him the 1999 Auguste Perret Prize, the International Union of Architects said, ‘Ken Yeang pioneered the application of bioclimatic principles to the highrise building as a new genre of the skyscraper typology.’’
    • ‘Sites were selected randomly beforehand using the results of the winter pasture inventory, and they cover the different bioclimatic vegetation zones evenly.’
    • ‘The extent of predation on nests of bee-eaters is particularly significant in light of bioclimatic models that predict a rapidly increasing distribution of cane toads in Australia.’
    • ‘In much of the North American literature, ‘polar desert’ refers to a vegetation type rather than a bioclimatic zone, i.e., to barren areas.’