Definition of biochemistry in US English:



  • 1The branch of science concerned with the chemical and physicochemical processes and substances that occur within living organisms.

    • ‘The science of biochemistry, nowadays regarded as one of the fundamental pillars upon which the study of medicine rests, is something of a newcomer.’
    • ‘Those fields were molecular biology and glycoprotein chemistry and biochemistry.’
    • ‘On the contrary, at the very beginning of what was to become the science of biochemistry, Shelley foresaw how potent a tool it would be in the hands of scientists.’
    • ‘Of these, at least 130 programs offer degree options such as biochemistry or chemical education.’
    • ‘But it's a big long step from organic chemistry to biochemistry.’
    • ‘To achieve this aim it draws on biology, biochemistry, engineering, mathematics and computer science.’
    • ‘Interdisciplinary sciences such as biochemistry and social psychology would also have to be included.’
    • ‘This does not mean, however, that chemistry, biochemistry or atomic physics are in some way giving us a false picture of reality.’
    • ‘NMR has become one of the most prized tools in organic chemistry and biochemistry.’
    • ‘The most modern chemical industries are those concerned with biochemistry, microbiology, and particularly pharmaceutical research.’
    • ‘It is therefore timely for a volume on Plant hormone biochemistry and molecular biology to be published.’
    • ‘Compared with traditional high school chemistry courses, ChemCom students learn more organic and biochemistry.’
    • ‘His main research interest is the molecular biology and biochemistry of the organism that causes African sleeping sickness.’
    • ‘The key thing to remember is that biochemistry is the chemistry of the living world.’
    • ‘From supplement biochemistry and exercise science, to pure bodybuilding knowledge, Sean talks the talk and walks the walk.’
    • ‘Doctors have to know loads about biochemistry and the chemical reactions going on in your body.’
    • ‘The field of environmental chemistry calls on organic chemistry, biochemistry and a heck of a lot of biology.’
    • ‘Specifically, I'm a biologist with a strong background in biochemistry, materials science and bioinformatics.’
    • ‘Understanding the thermodynamic and structural basis of protein folding is one of the key issues in current research in biochemistry.’
    • ‘In the fall, Juliet plans to study biochemistry, molecular biology, and environmental science.’
    1. 1.1 Biochemical processes.
      ‘abnormal brain biochemistry’
      • ‘Although mice are much smaller than humans, they were chosen for the study because their physiology and biochemistry are similar to that of humans.’
      • ‘The different origins, biochemistry and likely tertiary structure of the truncated plant haemoglobins suggest that these proteins may have separate cellular roles.’
      • ‘The biochemistry of the heme group is the key issue in the understanding of these phenomena.’
      • ‘This paper deals with the morphology, anatomy, histochemistry and biochemistry of the glandular hairs of S. jorullensis.’
      • ‘The surfactant group exhibited less lung injury on histology and biochemistry.’
      • ‘The relationship between hydrogen peroxide-treated melanin and its biochemistry and photochemistry is important.’
      • ‘However, despite the care and detail of the authors' analysis of periderm cell wall biochemistry, we are no nearer to preventing abrasion damage of the potato.’
      • ‘New research found that foods high in fat and sugar can cause significant changes in brain biochemistry similar to drugs such as heroin and cocaine.’
      • ‘Few data are currently available as to the yield of investigating mildly abnormal liver biochemistry in such a group.’
      • ‘This genetic difference is too gaping for one type of membrane biochemistry to have evolved from the other, Koga argues.’
      • ‘The link in both cases was a reaction to prescription drugs and the point is the delicacy of our brain biochemistry.’
      • ‘Now, the nuts-and-bolts biochemistry of the brain is overwhelmingly complex.’
      • ‘How much control can one exert on biochemistry and physiology without using various substances?’
      • ‘Knapp has also investigated the evolutionary origins of fruit size, colour and biochemistry in the genus Solanum using a phylogenetic approach.’
      • ‘Such errors are not surprising, given the many differences that exist between species in terms of their anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and metabolism.’
      • ‘How the cellular biochemistry is coordinated to define a process operation remains a large problem.’
      • ‘Despite the far-ranging scope of earlier work, aspects of germination and conversion physiology, and biochemistry in somatic embryos remain unexplored.’
      • ‘In fact, one of the critical roles of enzymes in biochemistry is to lower the temperature requirements for chemical reactions.’
      • ‘Special techniques and optics have been developed to reveal the structures and biochemistry of living cells.’
      • ‘The physiotypes are physiological life forms as delineated by comparative physiology, biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology.’